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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crazy Adventure and Sharon Boggon Workshop

What an adventure! What a learning time! What great new friends! It was the Adventure in Crazy Quilting and the 3-day workshop by Sharon Boggon of Australia. All were organized and guided by Maureen Greeson and Susan Elliott.
 It was Sharon's first trip to the USA and we were so lucky to learn from her in person, for one day during the Adventure and during the workshop. Of course we're accustomed to learn from her online.
Geraldine Krueger has been demonstrating on her blog how she is using some of the design elements Sharon taught. Keep going to earlier posts to see the series.
Additional one-day classes during the Adventure were taught by Allison Aller and Betty Pillsbury. Awsome line up. I really had a good time and learned so much I can use.
I didn't take many pictures. Others did, but I can't point you to them at the moment. Below is a picture of Sharon Boggon at work. On the left is Susan Elliott, photographer, and on the right, Helen McEntee, student.
Here are pictures of three of the pieced blocks I took to work on. The fourth was my block for the Hearts and Hands for Sendai project. I'm working to finish it and will post about it when I'm finished. It benefits from Sharon's design instruction.
The first is the block I put most of my practice stitches on.
The second is my exploration of orange and apple green. It has shisha stitch on a penny and a sticker I had stuck on with it's own adhesive.
The third is a work in progress: Purple baskets. It's 21 inches square.

After the Connecticut events, I went to Portland, Maine, for the New England Embroiderer's Guild of America seminar. I had meals with my roommate from last fall's EGA National Seminar in San Francsico, Violet Anderson of New Hampshire. It was good to see her again. I did studio time there instead of classes and worked on the Hearts and Hands for Sendai block. That's how it got almost done. My daughter's family lives in Portland, so I stayed with them and had some time for visiting. We had a beautiful Sunday afternoon to go to the Fort Williams shore. My granddaughter likes this scary tunnel in the fort.