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Saturday, May 30, 2009

3-D Flower project finished

It's done! That was fun.

I did make an iris for the lower right corner. It was an adventure. I decided to try one of Allison Aller's techniques that she published in the CQMagOnline, April, 2009 issue: making millinery flowers. Actually, I can't claim to have used her technique. I modified it to use the materials I had. I made ovals of white silk charmeuse. Then, not having the glue Allison used, I sprayed the ovals heavily with starch and pressed. I used three for one flower. On two ovals I streaked yellow pastel on the center end of the oval to about the middle. Not having a ball-shaped tool to shape the fabric, I used the tip of my iron on a cloth bag of rice (not having any sand.) Then I gathered the center end of the ovals with a few stitches. The two lower petals needed a row of yellow fuzzy stuff, stamens with pollen? I made those with Ghiordes knot or Turkey rug knot. using one strand of DMC floss. I found the starch didn't completely prevent ravelling of the silk, so I used fray check around the edges. Then I sewed the petals onto the block with the bottom two skewed to the side. With ribbon stem and leaves added, the iris is done. I'm sure this would have worked better if I had used archival bookbinding glue, a millinery tool and a sand bed, but who could wait to get those things.

So here is the finished block. It has another flower added besides the eight Allison taught and the iris. Notice some sweet William's in pink fused angelina fibers. I traded this color with Robin Atkins for some of the orangy color I had in my kit for the dogwood. And, Susan, I did make the waste canvas based butterfly. It's cute and I did want to use all the techniques Allie taught. That was a great workshop. Thanks to everyone who made it happen.


  1. Your block is absolutely lovely, Bobbie! And since Necessity is the mother of Invention, I'm sure Allie will applaud your creativity in using what you had on hand (so Victorian!) to get the desired effect. Gorgeous! Hugs, Cathy

  2. Aren't you an ingenious young lady!! I wish I had known this morning that you had made that iris so I could get a good close-up look at her...she looks really lovely and you truly are one of the most creative ladies I know!

    That butterfly is cute too! What is the little green "dot" ? to the left of the Iris? Is it a ladybug? Sorry, I can't get my nose close enough to the screen ;)

  3. Yay!!!
    Oh, Bobbi, this looks SO great! There is so much movement and life in this....and the iris is to die for!
    You sure know how to make a new teacher feel wonderful....

  4. Great finished block, Bobbi!!!! I'm smitten with your iris and even more with YOU... for trying it and for figuring out all those ingenious substitutions for things you didn't have. Give yourself many big pats on the back!

    Congrats, Bobbi, you are one of the three winners of my Blogiversary Giveaway!!! In addition to the Rosie print, you've won a small assortment of vintage beads. Do you have a color preference? Please email me your snail mail address and I'll get your gift in the mail right away! My email is robin[at]robinatkins[dot]com.

    Cheers, Robin A.

  5. I'm not having any luck sending an email to you, Bobbi... so will have to try this way.

    I have your Rosie print ready to mail. Please email me (see comment above) the following:

    1. Your snail mail address
    2. Color preference for vintage beads (color, light vs dark shades, transparent vs. opaque, shapes you love)if you want... or I could surprise you.

    Thanks!!! Robin

  6. Oh, how absolutely lovely!