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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back From Carolina Beach

I visited my son Joe and his wife Danielle for Thanksgiving. We went to their beach house at Carolina Beach and had turkey with all the trimmings. My nose ran the whole time because their are new little ones in their family. There are feral cats living in a wooded vacant lot near their beach house. One of the females is somewhat approachable, especially approachable when they feed her. She had kittens and two of them were found wounded, sick and starving. Well, Joe and Danielle took them to the vet, got them treated, and adopted them. Their big master cat, Riley, had to get used to little pests, but he seems to like them now. They're very kitteny, bouncing around playing and adorable. The female is Roscoe and the male Brutis. I love cats despite my allergy.

I didn't take so many photos while I was there. We walked around the town pond and I tried to identify the black ducks there. I think they are scoters.

We attended the Carolina Beach tree lighting and drove out on beach to watch the fireworks at the Wrightsville Beach flotilla festivities. It was a very nice holiday.

I've been working on a couple of gift needlework projects so I can't show you or tell you. One is a crochet project that I nearly finished. I'll show that after it's gifted. Crochet is a good activity to do while riding the train. The other is an ornament for exchange at my crazy quilt group holiday party, but it turns out no one else got their's finished either. We've cancelled the exchange, so you'll have to wait a year to see that one.

Now, I'm busy getting ready for my trip to visit my sisters and their families in Ames, Iowa, December 20-30. I'm going there by train, too, so need to make myself some needlework kits to work on. More on that later.

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  1. A birder friend clued me in: the "ducks" are not ducks, but coots.