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Thursday, June 23, 2011

CQ Adventure Block Finished

I have finished the block I used for learning stitches and motifs at the 2011 Adventures in Crazy Quilting retreat for Sharon Boggon's class and workshop in Connecticut in April. Sharon does encrusted embellishment on her quilts, a different style from mine. I like the more traditional motif and seam treatment style. So, it was interesting to me to experiment with more encrusting. You'll note I still left a significant amount of lightly embellished space. I ran the encrusting in a swoosh across the block. This doesn't keep the eye inside the block as Sharon teaches for design, but I like it.

I used the French facing technique for finishing after tying the backing to the block. The technique was published by Allie Aller in CQMagOnline. I like the neat look of it.


  1. Hi Bobbi! First of all, I love the color scheme. And I like how you combined the keiko's flowers with the Margaret's cup. You must be a pro on those by now so if I stumble and need help, I know to come to you!

    I also like the finishing technique you used...I'll have to read that article. I always forget to read the CQ Mag!! Hope you are feeling 100% again! Post more often so I can know what you're up to!!! xox Susan

  2. Your CQ block turned out beautiful Bobbi, I love the flower spray!