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Saturday, April 13, 2013

CQJP2012 May and July

At last "Barefoot Girl," my May crazy quilt journal project block is complete. And here it is almost May again. Can I finish this project in 2013? We'll see.

I have blocks June through September pieced, but I have mislaid a piece of yarn I need for June. So I am working on July entitled "Independence and Creativity in honor of my nine year-old granddaughter, Lorelei, who was born in July. I's her infant "I am woman" pose featured as a silky on the block.
Independence is for the birthday of the USA and creativity is for my granddaughter's because she is a very creative person. I love that about her.
The red circle at the top left is meant to be a balloon, but it needs a different highlight to look like one. It will be one of 3 in red, white and blue. There will be mice on the block, because Lorelei has been a mouse enthusiast since she got two as pets for her fifth birthday. She still draws them often and they populate her fantasy place, Meek World.  Other ideas will come in the crazy quilting way as I work along on the block.
I'm wondering how all these blocks in different color ways will go together at the end. Hmmm.


  1. Your barefoot block is unbelievable, Bobbi. Those two cows and those chickens are just perfect for this piece. Also, love how the limb came out with the cat up in the tree. Is the little girl a picture of you? I couldn't remember. Looking forward to the Fourth of July block. I have a whole red, white and blue collection box that you can dig through next time you're here to see if I have something that might work. I wouldn't worry too much whether the blocks go together. Who knows, they might become something completely different by the time you finish. Thanks for posting them. They're wonderful...and I'd like to meet that little Lorelei one day!

  2. Your barefoot block is amazing! I was drawn in by the tree (I love embroidered trees) and was wowed by how wonderful your cows, chickens and fence are. Lovely stitching!