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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yellow and green teddy bear

My friend Ken got my laptop working, so I transferred the picture of my yellow and green teddy bear to my pc, and here it is! It was a gift for my great-grand nephew, Alex.

This is one of the projects I completed during my cross country train trip last summer. I made several kits to work on while traveling. The others were Christmas ornaments.

My trip started in Washington, DC, went through Chicago to Los Angeles with a stop to tour the Grand Canyon. This was my first visit there and was breathtaking no matter how many photos I'd seen of the place. But the biggest thrill was seeing California condors flying wild in the canyon. I remember my dismay when they took the last condor out of the wild in the 1980s for captive breeding. It worked! The 60 in the canyon are about half those now flying free.

Then I visited a friend near San Diego, another in Portland, Oregon and back across country to Portland, Maine for my granddaughter's fifth birthday party. I was gone a month and 4 days. What a pleasure!
Here are pictures of two of the ornaments. The other one was for the gift exchange in my crazy quilt group and was drawn by Susan Elliott, who posted about it on her blog:

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  1. That dragon is fabulous! I"m so glad I got to see the other two ornaments that had gone away before i could catch a glimpse. I would love to see a Condor but never have. I think I would like a train trip so maybe one day...

    It looks like your spacing problem is solved?? Hope you're having a great weekend. I'll see you next Saturday. Susan